About Me & My Succulents

My name is Annie Mae, and I live in Downtown Brooklyn right across the river from the Financial District of Manhattan. I grew up in a tiny rural town in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee, running around my green yard full of giant trees and magical walls of ivy vines.

Ever since I was 2 feet tall I have been captivated by the outdoors. I feel guilty when I miss a beautiful sunset and I take every chance I get to go for a walk or a bike ride or a frolick through the park.

When I moved to New York City as a college freshman, the green part of my world became grey. I could no longer step outside barefoot and squish grass between my toes. Concrete blocks replaced corn fields and subway commutes replaced carrides down the backroads around my neighborhood.

That is why succulents became my hobby. If I can’t have trees a flower garden in my backyard I might as well try growing plants in my living room and kitchen, right? So that’s why I’m doing. I’m livening my Brooklyn apartment one succulent at a time.

This a rather new task, however. Just 7 months ago I had never owned a succulent in my life. But one of my roommates and I ordered an Amazon shipment of 12 beautiful, dynamic succulents in various shapes and sizes. Through research, trial and error, and a big succulent-loving heart, I have managed to keep my plants alive! (Well, most of them.)

It has been a short time since that humble beginning, and I am by no means an expert at succulents. This blog exists to share my experience with my succulents, give a few helpful tips to other succulent moms and dads, and hopefully learn some things myself.