Aloe Vera Hospital

Nursing a succulent back to health

Some of us have friends who neglect their succulents. Maybe you have a friend like that. Maybe you ARE that friend. Either way, here is a simple guide to nursing a parched succulent back to health.

This guy is an Aloe Vera plant owned by my good friend, Olivia. (TODAY is her BDAY, so this post is in her honor!)

Unfortunately, Olivia didn’t water her aloe vera for an entire semester. I found him in a weak condition, gasping for water (I say gasping but by this I mean his leaves were discolored and dry, clearly indicating that he needed water).

At first glance, the aloe plant was on a quick road to no recovery. But, with a little love and a little water, he has sparked a new light. Day by day he is beginning to grow and his color is coming back bright green.

When I first brought him in, 3 or 4 of his leaves were so dry and wilted that they were limp and floppy. I cut those pieces off and let them run their course by scabbing over.

The next thing I did was give it a good water. I took the whole plant out of its pot and soaked every bit of the soil to ensure that the roots got a big gulp.

After that was the hardest part of all: do nothing. It is hard not to keep watering a dried succulent once you’ve started. But it is important to remember that overwatering is something to be cautious of, even when you’re fighting the consequences of under-watering.

So, I stuck to a routine of watering the plant more than I normally would, but not too much more. I watered it once a week or once every 5 days. Now he is on a normal watering schedule.

The color in him is starting to come back, and I have noticed a fullness in his leaves that was completely absent when I first took him in.

The process was very slow to get where we are today. It took about 2 months to really start to see a change, but every time I look at him now I can’t help but smile at the small but sure progress I’ve seen in him.

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  1. Happy birthday, Olivia!! And great job Annie Mae!!

    1. succulentsdonttsucc says: Reply

      Thanks for showing the love Abby!! <3

  2. This succulent owes you his very life, I’d say. I shed tear.

    1. succulentsdonttsucc says: Reply

      Thank you so much for reading about his journey!

  3. Very interesting.

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