How I Detox in my Succulent Schedule

Ever get sick of having a screen in front of your face? I do, and thankfully I have realized how much plants offer an opportunity to detox from technology and the business of school and work.

A good friend of mine, Peter, has been blogging about finding rest while working at home during quarantine. His blog is full of practical steps we all can take towards finding rest in the midst of our busy schedules.

His articles have made me think more about how (or rather if) I am incorporating rest into my daily and weekly schedule. And I realized that taking care of my plants are an ideal way of detoxing from my phone and computer on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Tending to my succulents is not a chore; I’ve written already about how it’s actually so fun and relaxing to me. I even find it therapeutic, although it is a bit messy, to re-pot succulents and watch them go from old to new soil. There is something so relaxing, refreshing, and life-giving in taking care of my houseplants that allows me to destress and forget the endless worries of the world right now.

If you are a plant parent, think about the value of detoxing from your phone the next time you stop to water your plant or clean up the soil. And if you are thinking about ordering your first plant and taking a shot at being a plant dad or mom, look at it as a new way to incorporate rest into your life.

Also, check out my friend Peter’s blog. He writes about the challenges and struggles that we all have with finding rest during this crazy time. His work is especially directed toward anyone living in a big city like New York. Check his work out and go get yourself a succulent.

6 Replies to “How I Detox in my Succulent Schedule”

  1. Wow, what an excellent reminder to take some rest! And what a beautiful way to do it.

  2. That’s a great idea! Since I don’t have any succulents yet- maybe I’ll paint a picture of your plants and that can me my relaxing exercise!

    The one in this picture is so fuzzy!

    1. succulentsdonttsucc says: Reply

      I would love that! Send me a picture of your paintings and I’ll highlight them on the blog!! Thanks for reading and I hope you can take some special time to rest and relax this week.

  3. Mrs. Stella—Nani says: Reply

    In our busy culture we forget to rest. God ordained rest for His people one day out of seven and then one year out of seven years. I to have forgotten this, and am reminded rest is OK. Thanks ?

    1. succulentsdonttsucc says: Reply

      Thank you so much for this comment, it is so true. It’s hard to remember how important rest is in our busy schedule. Whether it is plant-keeping, reading, taking walks, or anything else, rest is quite essential in our weekly rhythms. So glad you enjoyed the post and I appreciate your addition very much!

  4. This is like sunshine to the soul & rest on the Journey!

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