One big happy family!

10 of my Succulents

Household essential: Aloe Vera

Aloe plants are one of the basic succulents that most of us have heard of. My mom sent me this fellow in the mail and he is growing so well in my apartment. (Maybe if he gets big enough I can start selling hand sanitizer from the aloe!?)

I call this guy Eddie

I named this little guy Eddie because one time a friend of mine named Edvin came over and helped me plant him! It was a fun time and in his honor, we named this succulent after him. The way he spikes up catches the eye and it has been amazing to watch him grow taller and taller over the months!

2 Little Hawthorias

The little guy in the green pot was a surprise gift from a friend. (Check out my post about The Sill to learn about where he came from!) The one in the pink is actually one of my friend’s succulents that I am plant-sitting while she is away during the quarantine. These are two types of Hawthorias- as you can see, one’s leaves are sticking out more than the other. They have become sweet little friends and are enjoying their time together during quarantine.

Also known as the “panda plant” this one is extra special because of its velvety texture.

A Succulent made out of Velvet

All of my succulents are beautiful, but this one is nice to sight as well as touch. It is called a Kalanchoe tomentosa, also nicknamed the “panda plant” and they are known for their soft velvet texture. You can’t help but touch its soft leaves every now and then.

Small but Mighty

This little guy has struggled a little but, he is a fighter. I originally got him because of the beautiful colors that are in his leaves. Now as he has struggled through the winter season in my Brooklyn apartment, his colors fade but his morale stays strong.

My first Successful Propagate

This tall guy is names Liam and I have watched him grow so tall! He was a little stub when he first arrived to my place. Now he stands tall. Check out one of my first posts to read a little about how I propagated him!

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  1. Kelly Simmons says: Reply

    They are all very lovely.
    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge about these amazing plants. I have learned a lot.

  2. Wish I had a Green Thumb. But I dont. But may try this.

  3. Jeanie Jones says: Reply

    So glad the Aloe made the trip & arrived alive! You are amazing to make it thrive! I actually made some hand sanitizer by a petal (is that what they are called on this plant?) that fell off, by sticking it in a bottle of alcohol.

  4. I love how you’ve named them! So cool how plants are a gift from the Lord to enjoy!!

    1. succulentsdonttsucc says: Reply

      Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for taking a look at my blog. 🙂

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